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EGCSis a locally owned, not part of a franchise, we are flexible and responsive to your needs. We are dedicated to making your business clean and healthy. We specialize in detail in all aspects of cleaning and organization. We create a healthy work environment by using products and cleaning techniques that are safe and non-toxic. The appearance of your office makes an impression on clients. They will feel more welcome. This makes a positive statement about you and the quality of your business. Let us take care of the work, so you can concentrate on what is important to you, your business. Give us an opportunity to solve these for you with a FREE customized cleaning quote.

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Why Green?

There are many benefits of a green cleaning service. Providing your business with a green cleaning service can improve the health of your employees which helps reduce sick days. In turn, the improvement in productivity...


What is ‘Green Cleaning’?

Cleaning products are a major contributor to indoor air quality issues in closed environments. Many contain various toxic chemicals, some of which have high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can give rise to...


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